Why you should visit Temple Balsall .

I spend a lot of time in the Temple Balsall grounds surrounding the Church, the Old Hall and the Court; more so now I have an allotment to tend behind the Old Hall . People ask me about Temple Balsall community and often I reply it is an oasis of calm and tranquility, but the more I think about this, the more I realise I am selling the Temple Balsall experience short.

Actually there is a huge amount of activity, most of the time. I speak to the residents of the Court ,and learn so much from them, I see the children from the School , either filing into the Church or running round the paths as part of their physical education, and I frequently chat with visitors from all over the world, who have come to see the Church or know of the community – somehow.
Last month a visitor from Perth, Western Australia was telling me he had come specifically to add the Green Man on the Church to his album of UK photographs , and I was also offered gardening advice by someone who now lives in Cornwall but whose family had been tenants in Temple Balsall. He had ridden up on his motor cycle to pay his regards to his family roots.

So why don’t you join us here and see what Temple Balsall has to offer ? And the best time would be to do it during the weekend of 14-15 September when the Autumn Fair,Art Exhibition and Heritage weekend take place.

Look forward to seeing you, say hello to me as I will be manning the Car Park

Keith Jordan

4 thoughts on “Why you should visit Temple Balsall .

  1. Cliff Morrey

    Thank you Keith, most interesting. I understand that Harry Williams who wrote the famous song “Its a Long Way to Tipperary” is buried at Temple Balsall. Are you able to confirm that and indeed do you know where the grave is. Thanks Cliff Morrey

  2. kjordan21 Post author

    You are quite right, If visitors want to find it walk down the path between Temple House and the Old Hall , over the little bridge where local children play Pooh Sticks and bear left up the path to the cemetery. You need to search carefully, however a bit of a clue is that the gravestone is towards the edge of the graveyard, and there is a bench quite close by where you can rest after you are successful.
    (You can of course drive to the Cemetery taking a left after the Tradesmen’s /Staff entrance to the Foundation ,on the way to Knowle however the walk is very easy and pleasant.)

    1. Cliff Morrey

      Brilliant, thanks, and presumably it would be alright to sing the song at the graveside in respect.

  3. jfrebika

    It makes me wonder how many other minor celebrities there may be buried in the cemetery. Thinking caps on! Regards, Jane Rebika


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