There’s a very noticeable shifting through the gears…

Suddenly the pace of activity is really accelerating. With just over five weeks to go until the Autumn Fair and Heritage Weekend, our people are certainly in action mode.
Posters are appearing in local shops and libraries and on community noticeboards. If we could find someone to wear a sandwich board with the graphics on we would do so … (it would make a change from running the gauntlet of “chuggers”).
Raffle tickets are being distributed and eagerly snapped up while publicity leaflets are popping through thousands of letterboxes. The plan for the siting of the marquees is virtually complete, though it could still accommodate an unexpected late entrant to add to the proceedings.

Now the emphasis switches to media coverage and publicity, but please feel free to spread the word. Our greatest asset is our community — there’s nothing new about “social networking” , it just has a modern title and is faster than the traditional communication channels. Hence our Facebook Group.

1 thought on “There’s a very noticeable shifting through the gears…

  1. Cliff Morrey

    Thank you Keith for your most interesting update. The posters, leaflets and tickets are great productions and I have already had good feedback, seen the posters in strategic places. We have them in the Solihull Visitor Centre (which is going to close at end of August )
    Wouldn’t it be fab if we could get a mention on local TV – does anyone have a good contact there I wonder. If we got 2 showings there you might have a great issue on the car parking front, but you wouldn’t mind would you.
    Are we in a position to be able to list the various events that are on offer to our many, many loyal visitors.
    Dear readers do let us have your feedback, observations, suggestions etc etc.
    Bye, Cliff. Ps We have a few leaflets. ( About 500) available if you fancy a spot of distribution!!


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