The times they are a changing…

It’s that time of the year when summer is at its blooming, vibrant, slightly overblown best, helped by a spell of sunny weather. The lawn in front of Temple House has had its regular cut and looks superb, people are scurrying in and out of the garage with items for the Autumn Fair and timetables are being confirmed.

There are still quite a few visitors to the Church and the grounds , some are walkers passing by, others have made a special visit to see the Green Man or just to have some quiet, reflective time in our leafy haven.

Yesterday I chatted to some visitors, gave them a little information but said if they wanted the real deal that they should come to the Autumn Fair.
I sweetened the proposal with some runner beans from my allotment, a wise investment I think…

So we are like Mo Farah , timing our run to perfection as the finishing line for planning beckons, all we need now is the weather and hordes of visitors.

Finally a big thank you to The Saracens Head and Eric Lyons for their very generous donations towards The Grand Autumn Draw, tickets sales are going well but as they say “You have to be in it, to win it ”

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