Tea and cake, Haydn and Mozart

Summer Sunday Teas

A little bit of what you fancy never does you harm. This maxim applies equally to our superb Sunday Afternoon Teas here at beautiful Temple Balsall. If your fancy runs to freshly baked scones or homemade cakes — such as Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate, Carrot, Fruit or Coffee — then you need to get yourself here on one of the three remaining opportunities of this summer season.

You’re sure of a warm and friendly welcome whether you are out for a Sunday afternoon drive or part of the groups of cyclists and walkers that increasingly like to use our tranquil historical setting as a watering hole on their treks around the countryside.

Next weekend (14th-15th September) is, of course, Heritage Weekend where tea and cake will play their usual central role.

The last Sunday Afternoon Teas will be served on 29th September and will coincide with our last free concert of the season. At 3pm The Middleton Hall String Quartet will play pieces by Mozart and Haydn. Let’s hope the Indian summer weather stays with us until then and the maximum number of people can enjoy their tea and cake in the sunshine before listening to timeless classical music in the historic setting of St Mary the Virgin Church here at Temple Balsall.

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