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Reflections on a busy week-end – we were truly blessed.

A collective sigh of relief travelled round the Temple Balsall Community as the Heritage Weekend survived the Great British Weather.

Despite rain on Friday and early Saturday morning, all the attractions and stalls were ready for the grand opening, and even though quite a few visitors came before the official start time they were warmly welcomed.

The Art Exhibition was a resounding success, the activities on the main lawn and in the grounds of the Court were very popular, the School had its own attractions, the raffle was drawn, the dancers danced, the Knights paraded – and the band played on

Saturday was the encapsulation of all that is fine about Middle England, friendship, fun, mutual support and lashings of good humour , sustained by tea and cakes, and bacon rolls and hot sausage sandwiches.

When our visitors had drifted homewards little groups of helpers cleared the rubbish, made good the holes in the hallowed turf of The Lawn , dismantled as many of the tents as feasible -and finally slumped into chairs to devour the well-earned fish and chips and to toast all concerned for a job well-done.

Sunday was a day for further dismantling of marquees , the traditional teas in The Old Hall and avoiding the rain showers.

Now all we have to do is look back at the weekend , and ask ourselves what we could improve and the lessons we learned.

Thank you to all who contributed, whether from the Community or as visitors , and we give thanks for the Divine intervention that made it all possible , as we are really only those who serve….

The times they are a changing…

It’s that time of the year when summer is at its blooming, vibrant, slightly overblown best, helped by a spell of sunny weather. The lawn in front of Temple House has had its regular cut and looks superb, people are scurrying in and out of the garage with items for the Autumn Fair and timetables are being confirmed.

There are still quite a few visitors to the Church and the grounds , some are walkers passing by, others have made a special visit to see the Green Man or just to have some quiet, reflective time in our leafy haven.

Yesterday I chatted to some visitors, gave them a little information but said if they wanted the real deal that they should come to the Autumn Fair.
I sweetened the proposal with some runner beans from my allotment, a wise investment I think…

So we are like Mo Farah , timing our run to perfection as the finishing line for planning beckons, all we need now is the weather and hordes of visitors.

Finally a big thank you to The Saracens Head and Eric Lyons for their very generous donations towards The Grand Autumn Draw, tickets sales are going well but as they say “You have to be in it, to win it ”

There’s a very noticeable shifting through the gears…

Suddenly the pace of activity is really accelerating. With just over five weeks to go until the Autumn Fair and Heritage Weekend, our people are certainly in action mode.
Posters are appearing in local shops and libraries and on community noticeboards. If we could find someone to wear a sandwich board with the graphics on we would do so … (it would make a change from running the gauntlet of “chuggers”).
Raffle tickets are being distributed and eagerly snapped up while publicity leaflets are popping through thousands of letterboxes. The plan for the siting of the marquees is virtually complete, though it could still accommodate an unexpected late entrant to add to the proceedings.

Now the emphasis switches to media coverage and publicity, but please feel free to spread the word. Our greatest asset is our community — there’s nothing new about “social networking” , it just has a modern title and is faster than the traditional communication channels. Hence our Facebook Group.

Why you should visit Temple Balsall .

I spend a lot of time in the Temple Balsall grounds surrounding the Church, the Old Hall and the Court; more so now I have an allotment to tend behind the Old Hall . People ask me about Temple Balsall community and often I reply it is an oasis of calm and tranquility, but the more I think about this, the more I realise I am selling the Temple Balsall experience short.

Actually there is a huge amount of activity, most of the time. I speak to the residents of the Court ,and learn so much from them, I see the children from the School , either filing into the Church or running round the paths as part of their physical education, and I frequently chat with visitors from all over the world, who have come to see the Church or know of the community – somehow.
Last month a visitor from Perth, Western Australia was telling me he had come specifically to add the Green Man on the Church to his album of UK photographs , and I was also offered gardening advice by someone who now lives in Cornwall but whose family had been tenants in Temple Balsall. He had ridden up on his motor cycle to pay his regards to his family roots.

So why don’t you join us here and see what Temple Balsall has to offer ? And the best time would be to do it during the weekend of 14-15 September when the Autumn Fair,Art Exhibition and Heritage weekend take place.

Look forward to seeing you, say hello to me as I will be manning the Car Park

Keith Jordan